Using the LicenseServerTool

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Using the LicenseServerTool

Postby admin » Tue Aug 18, 2009 7:33 am

To use the LicenseServerTool.exe:
  • Install the License Server
  • Insert the desired License Key
  • Create a policy to allow all users to take a BLS key. This is done under "Manage licenses -> Policy".
  • Open up a command prompt
  • Navigate to
    Code: Select all
    c:\program files\laerdal sophus\license server\
  • Type
    Code: Select all
    This will display the different options.
Example of use:
  • To create a BLS user, you should type
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    licenseservertool --create --program BLS --login --password test
    This will create the BLS user " with the password "test"
  • Code: Select all
    licenseservertool --create --program "acls v2009" --login test --password test
    This will create the ACLS user "test" with password test
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